Norway lobster

Scientific name: Nephrops norvegicus
English name: Norway lobster
Italian name: Scampo

The Norway lobster is a decapod crustacean found on sandy and muddy bottoms of the Mediterranean and north-east Atlantic at depths between 20 and 800 m. It reaches 20 cm in length with some growing up to 24 cm long. The elongated, tubular body is pink with orangey tones and is covered with a strong shell; it has a front rostrum with three or four teeth on the side edges of the upper part and one or two on the lower edge. In addition to having long antennae and two strong claws, the abdomen has six mobile parts, the first five with pleopods (swimmerets). It is mainly nocturnal and feeds on small invertebrates, molluscs and fish. A regular catch and valued in cooking, it is the most important commercial European crustacean.