European seabass

Scientific name:  Dicentrarchus labrax
English name: European seabass
Italian name: Spigola or Branzino

This fish lives in the Mediterranean and along the eastern coasts of the central Atlantic in shallow water near to the coast, on seabeds that can be up to 100 m deep. It is found in sandy/rocky coastal areas, lagoons, coastal ponds and river mouths. Like the gilthead seabream, it is one of the species whose market value means that it is farmed extensively and intensively (about 6,000 ton.), with 72 installations active in Italy. It is a silvery colour, 23-46 cm long with a slender body, pointed snout and two dorsal fins. It is a medium-large sized predator feeding mainly on crustaceans, molluscs and fish. The European seabass is not only farmed but also the target for sport- and commercial fishing on all Mediterranean coasts.